A Quick Weight Loss Plan

I have on this site something called the Sacred Heart Diet. I don’t really agree with using it as a long term method, and i feel sort of bad about it.

Combine that with the fact that I have been asked to write up exact meal plans for people or something they can follow much easier I have come up with this page. This, to me, is a hard diet to stick with also, but it has been the most effective and much safer longer term diet than any other. I have dropped 5kg in a week with this one, without being overly hungry (however never quite full either). You should be able to continue this diet for as long as you need too.

Basically, i have 6-7 meals a day, each of around 200-250 calories, mostly protein based. No processed foods, no flour based foods, and all low fat. A typical day would go like this.

Breakfast: Protein + veg (Mornings a busy, often this is a Horleys Protein bar and carrot or two)

Morning Tea: 2-3 poached eggs

Lunch: Protein again (often a 180gm tin of tuna) plus cup of salad

Afternoon tea: 2 small pottles of low fat sugar replaced yoghurt (look for ones that are 50 cals per 100gm on the label around about)

Dinner: protein again – often 150gm steak, plus cup of boiled veg

Supper: protein again, usually leftover steak/meat from dinner

Doing this diet puts a bit of stress on your system, and it will make you excessively thirsty. Key things to remember are

  • Drink, drink drink! I drink 3-5 litres a day on this, especially when i have just eaten. I carry a 1.25ltr pump bottle at all times.
  • Keep a Horleys ‘Carb Less’ protein bar handy in your purse, they taste like a chocolate bar, very filling, and handy when you get hungry when out and about. They are 180 calories each and great (but make you very thirsty!)
  • Make sure you get the fruit and veg in as well, but don’t go overboard, we want to keep protein up so you lose fat not muscle.
  • Never let yourself get hungry. You will never be “Full” as such for the first weeks until your stomach shrinks, but you should never be hungry, even if it means just eating something small like an egg.
  • Stay away from processed foods. This means no sausages, no mince, no bacon etc. I usually use the excuse for a better cut of meat and go sirloin steaks etc . I keep a supply cut and ready in the fridge.

You may find you feel ‘out of sorts’, not hungry, but cravy. A cup of tea often helps this, especially with milk for some reason 🙂

I found if you are a parent, it helps to feed yourself before your family if you can, even if its just a tiny bite of the food before putting on the table, it helps you resist eating others foods.

Good Foods i have found:

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Roasted lamb (not chops, too fatty)
  • Tuna or non battered fish
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Carrots make me feel really full and are easy to grab and eat
  • Low fat Yoghurt – anything with around 50 calories per 100gms (420Kj) is good, filling and contains fruit
  • The odd banana/apple/etc for morning/afternoon tea
  • Eggs – scrambled, poached, etc – you can eat 3 and easily be full but only eating 200 calories 😀
  • Small squares of cheese or a tablespoon of nuts/seeds in a larger salad without dressing or minimal dressing.

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  1. darren Says:

    man thats alot of weight you lost,great website with good info man im hoping to lose a few kilos,fingers crossed,keep up the good work darren,very inspiring.

  2. peta Says:

    hey i was wondering if you have diet tips for night shift workers. thanks

  3. Liz Quilty Says:

    The best thing you can do, is try not to snack whilst bored, and if you are unable to do that then stick with healthier snacks. You are more likely to succeed if you make smaller changes over time rather than vast quick diet changes 🙂

  4. wendy Says:

    this sounds like the body trim diet

  5. Liz Quilty Says:

    really? I had a quick look and that seems more protein based (which would be saner) as well as this. Nothing like this one at all.

  6. Naomi Says:

    Hi Liz i was about 85kgs went down to 60 kgs lost that not in a good way tho and have now gone back up to 70kgs I did get really lazy but now I have got my fitness levels back up but can’t seem to loose it I don’t want to go back to just plain not eating much I got sick but it worked I’m unsure on different meal plans I also struggle on how to do the calorie counter do u have any suggestions thank you

  7. Liz Quilty Says:

    You may find that ‘plain eating’ is in fact the problem, you have probably got used to ‘normal’ being too much – its a problem that i struggle with. I usually counteract ‘normal’ meal sizes with copious amounts of exercise to help, but in reality its very hard to exercise off a bad diet (if not impossible). I found for me the best bet is bulking out smaller meals with copious amounts of vegetables, and try to include protein in every meal (makes you feel “full” more), plus drinking large amounts of water

  8. Jade Says:

    I live with two males who are trying to gain muscle and weight, so when they cook the meals are very carb based and HUGE. Also as we are living on a budget it seems that the easiest meat to buy is mince and sausages. I do make sure its the good quality stuff but its still not helping me.
    How can I get around this??
    Do I simply buy my own food, which will benefit me more??

  9. Liz Quilty Says:

    Sorry for slow reply, was on holiday. First i would suggest the flatmates go to a dietitian if they think mince and sausages a good diet. Also if they are trying to gain weight, carbs is the last thing they want to be eating tons of, ideally they want low fat, protein, and non processed foods 🙂
    Perhaps you could buy your own foods and point these facts out to them? The only difference a body builder and a dieter should have in common regarding diet is that they eat twice as many meals 🙂

  10. rik Says:

    i was wondering. do i start with trying to get my calories down first
    or do i jump straight in excersise an less calouries all in the first day

  11. Liz Quilty Says:

    Best off doing a slowly migrating the calories down and increasing the exercise. Jumping into huge changes generally makes it harder to stick with in the long run 🙂

  12. Jess Says:

    Hey there,
    Thanks this website is pretty helpful, I will be giving this ago im at my highest weight of 96kgs and im only 23years old. Im hoping this will help as i am also trying to get healthy to have a baby of my own.. Again thank you P.s you should have a members areas

  13. Liz Quilty Says:

    I did have a members area, it ended up just gathering spam :/ Good luck!

  14. Emily Says:

    Hi there im 26 with a 2 year old. was previously 59kgs at 5’8 (including post baby) but this year i have put on 12kgs which means i now have the unflattering ‘muffin top’. Ive been working out since July approx 3 times a week and eating healthier, yet it feels like my body is stuck in a rut. i have lost no weight at all. Any suggestions?

  15. Liz Quilty Says:

    Start logging your food, you are still eating too many calories by the sounds. ‘Eating healthy’ generally does not necessarily make you loose weight, its the amount of calories eaten. eg, if you eat an avacado or nuts, thats healthy right? its also heavy in calories due to the fats (good fats, but still fats). There also is the very vague possibility that you are eating too little, which may have slowed your metabolism down, so make sure you have small meals often 🙂

  16. Josie Says:

    For morning tea you suggest 2-3 poached eggs. Is the a recommended alternative? I don’t eat eggs but would love to give this a go

  17. Liz Quilty Says:

    If you like having rolled oats cooked into a warm mush it would be great, though anything that is not processed. Some days i have a low cal yoghurt with blueberries or similar on top.

  18. sheila Says:

    I am 66 yrs of age and am finding it so difficult to loose weight. I stopped smoking 5 yrs ago and put on 10kilos
    When I do manage to loose weight with dieting it all comes back once I start eating normally again (have lost on protein diet)
    I do treadmill exercise 40mins a day (5days) week
    Please advise

  19. Liz Quilty Says:

    Try having less carbs, it will help your normal every day diet to have less calories over all.

  20. Tracy W Says:

    When doing the Sacred Heart Diet, do you carry on exercise as normal?

  21. Liz Quilty Says:

    Do what you can, but you probably will feel weak

  22. Celia Says:

    Liz, luv the site, straight talking and copious advice much appreciated, thank you for doing this, just started soup week to give myself a good kick. I noticed you name is Quilty, mine too. Take care, Celia, daughter of Patrick.

  23. Shoni Clemas Says:

    is it ok to eat fruit on this diet?

  24. manjeet Says:

    hi there

    i m over weighted and suffering from hypothyroid.trying really hard to lose weight. i m 36 yrs 97 kg my height is 163 cm

  25. Nikki Says:


  26. Liz Quilty Says:

    Its not easy, its never easy! you just do it anyway!

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