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Okay now you know the basics of weight loss, energy in < energy out.

You will soon find you naturally start selecting foods with less sugar and fat so you can feel more full. Heres a few items that helped me.
Sugar free lollies or mints, i always keep a packet spare for whenever i need them.

Low fat, sugar replaced yogurt. You can get a fair bit in for the calories and its pretty healthy.

Coffee and tea! not to much, but a good flat white gives me both protein and fills me up for a couple of hours (though it was hard to wean myself off the sugar). Soup has the same effect.

Sushi, nice low calorie yummy treat!

Order hamburgers without the Mayo or Cheese, you will save yourself a lot of calories.

Potato chips are only about 140 kcal per cup. If they are about then grab a couple so you dont feel deprived, just make sure you stick to only a handful.

Avacado – whilst it is good for you and does contain healthy fats, it is a very high calorie item. I generally ask for it to be removed from rolls or salads I have.

Nuts are similar to Avacado, they are nice however to put into a salad to give it a new taste. 1 Tablespoon = 200 Kcal though (these Kcal are from memory, i may be wrong so double check them)

I found If i did not drink enough water then i didnt lose as much weight, however whenever i had my period I would not lose any weight and the week following i would drop twice as much (water weight?)

Avoid Salty stuff, it tends to make you retain water (and therefore weight). Its also pretty bad for you
Sausages, Mince, anything processed. It tends to be made up of floor scroungings and has a lot of hidden fat. Try and stick to pure foods (Steak and Salad and Egg is agreat meal!)

Check out this website for some alternatives to your favourites

Keeping your metabolism higher
Regular exercise is great, but dont be fooled, 3 20 minute workouts are just as good as 1 60 minute workout! If you do it in the morning you are less likley to talk yourself out of it and arrange to be busy. Try and get that heart rate up doing bikeing, skipping, or if you are really having trouble – swimming.

Space your meals out so you’re eating 4-6 meals a day. It fools the body into thinking its eaten more than it has. Lots of water! Soup is a great low calorie way to fill up inbetween meals or you are waiting for dinner.

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  1. Natalie Says:

    Hi, Im in NZ and cannot get the brand of noddle soup for the 7 day detox. Any suggestions? Thanks Natalie

  2. Liz Quilty Says:

    heya, I just used the Kings soup. So long as its any old soup base thats not a creamy one it should be fine (or even any packet soup)

  3. Roza Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for everything this website has done to help me. I credit you for every pound I have so far lost, and everything I am yet to accomplish.

  4. Liz Quilty Says:

    All good! hope things are working out for you, feel free to post me pics of before/after! liz at domain name 🙂

  5. ek Says:

    Just want to say how happy i was to find this website. When everyone else seems to use their success to make a quick buck, you put up heaps of information and advice for free. It’s really admirable and very kind. I’m using your website as my base for my weightloss.
    Thank you!

    (from Auckland)

  6. Liz Quilty Says:

    Thanks! I’ve been told and suggested to make it a pay site so many times, but im sick to death of people making money off weight loss and other peoples struggle. Its free information on the internet!

  7. Belinda Says:

    Hi Liz, please advise how and what type of exercise you started with when you were at your heaviest? I enjoy aqua jogging and lane swimming, I also use the pool for toning so that i do not end up with a saggy tummy after weight loss. I want to run and know that I can loose heaps of weight by starting, but I am unsure of the impact it will have on my body as I am really over weight. I need to loose at least 60kg’s to reach my goal weight of about 89kg’s.

  8. Liz Quilty Says:

    Anything that gets your Heart Rate up! the higher the better, even if you can only do it 10 minutes at a time but you can do it 4 -6 times a day. I started with an exercycle. I could only do 10 minutes at a time, within 2 weeks i was at 30 minutes (2 times a day). Eventually i went to a gym and did 20 mins cardio, weights, and another 20 mins cardio.
    In less than a year i cycled around Lake Taupo (160km/100mi) in a race, and it took me 8 hours! the next year i took that down to 6 hours 😀
    You can really do anything yourself though for exercise, from jumping up and down, swimming, waving your arms in the air etc. I would suggest going with things that use less impact if you are larger, Aqua jogging is a great idea, just make sure your heart rate is up and you are breathing hard. Try and avoid running until you are lighter, go with elliptical machines or exercycles or things that don’t involve thumping down on your joints 🙂

  9. shafiyah Says:

    hi, i wanted to lose as much weight as possible before my school ball, but every exercise i have tried i get bored off, and also i tried to eat down on my eating but nothing seems to help at all, i really dont know what to do, how did you keep yourself motived to it?


  10. Liz Quilty Says:

    Try switching out the foods for lower calorie versions of the same thing. ie diet drinks rather than normal, bulking out foods with veges, eat low fat yoghurts etc. Raw carrots were great for filling me up and almost no calories , popcorn was good for munchies.
    As far as motivation goes, if i wanted for motivation i would never have got anywhere! I just forced myself to do it. After a month was the worst, 2-3 months it was just habit, but i still had days i messed up or forgot. Trick is to just keep on trucking and forcing yourself. Pays to start a sport you enjoy also, team sports are good because you make friends and you cant skip it easily 😀

  11. Kash Mutang Says:

    Hi, I have started sport(I’m still trying to get to my ideal weight) but i wanted to ask. Do protein shakes affect your weight in a big way? Should I take them while trying to lose weight? One of my readers asked me this and I want to know what your opinion.

  12. Liz Quilty Says:

    Heya, protein shakes are good if you are not eating enough protein. If you are already eating enough protein then they are just calories you do not need. You should ideally eat something protein based after a work out, but it does not matter if thats low fat yogurt, scrambled eggs, or even a handful of nuts. Protein shakes do not make you loose weight, and usually best left to the body builders (who need extra protein)

  13. Ashleigh Says:


    Firstly, AWESOME WORK! You look amazing, you should be very proud of yourself. Now… Looking for some info, Have lost 25kg on my weight loss journey so far but put 5kg back on over the last couple of months. My ultimate goal is 68kg which means I have 10kg to go. I have a 3 1/2 yr old so time is limited. Finding it really hard to lose this last 10kg and wondering if you had any advice for me to stay motivated without seeing the weight shifting? Cheers

  14. Liz Quilty Says:

    Hmm probably the best thing you can do is set goals. Set the long term goal, and break that down into smaller realistic goals you can meet.

  15. Ashleigh Says:

    Ok cool, are there any particular exercises I should be doing to get the last kgs off? Thanks 🙂

  16. Liz Quilty Says:

    Newp, its all about diet i am afraid – try downsizing the meals a little if you can, and go for better snacks ?

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