Biggest Loser Techniques

Your Daily Calories

Calculate your calories by taking your present bodyweight (in lbs) and multiplying it by 7. If you’re not sure what your weight is in pounds, just multiply your weight in KG by 2.205

For example, if you weigh 100kg, that would convert to about 220lb. Multiply that by 7 and you have: 1540cals/day

The 4-3-2-1 Pyramid

4. You must eat 4 servings daily of fruits and vegetables (you should have 2 from fruits and 2 from veg)

1 fruit serving size = 1 cup, 1 medium piece, or 8 ounces

1 vegetable serving size = 1 cup, or 8 ounces

3. You must eat 3 servings of protein daily. You can choose between animal, vegetarian, or low-fat dairy protein.

1 protein serving size = 1 cup, or eight ounces (about the size of your palm)

2. You must eat 2 servings of whole grain.

Serving sizes:

2 slices of bread. Choose a brand with around 45cal per slice.

1 Wholegrain bun or roll

1 cup of cooked barley, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oat bran, rolled oats, etc

1. The Extras

These are the foods that don’t fit into the other groups eg, fats, oils, spreads, sugar-free desserts, reduced-fat foods, condiments, and sauces

You can have up to 200 calories of these each day.

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  1. maureen galiki Says:

    hi my name is maureen galiki and i have a problem with food im so ashame of my weight please help me

  2. Liz Quilty Says:

    I’ve made a website explaining what you need to do, i can’t do it for you much as you want. Nobody can. There is no magic pill that will burn calories. Start slow and move to eating smaller portions and healthier foods if you can. Maybe join the Forum there for support

  3. Tracy Says:

    Omg I just read that you lost about 80kgs thats amazing thats how much I weigh I would like to loose 15kg, anyway congratulations that is really impressive and inspirational.

  4. courtney Says:

    Hi my name is courtney and i really want to lose about 15kgs. but i cant stop eating please help me?

  5. Liz Quilty Says:

    I would Love to help you, but nobody can help you but you! You can take any pill you want or have surgery or anything and still not loose weight until you do it for you. If you are hungry all the time, then eat more. Eat things with less calories, fruit, veges, popcorn, low fat yoghurt etc. Find ways to eat the same calories with more food, its not so hard. protein will make you feel more full, this means milk, eggs, meat etc.

  6. Phillipa Thomas Says:

    Hi there, When I do the calorie calculation for biggest loser technique or even normal calorie intake calculations it always shows I should eat around 1000 calories but won’t that put me into starvation mode? I have lost 15kgs and have 5 to go,I wiegh 65kgs and am 170cms tall. Should I drop my calories that low?

  7. Liz Quilty Says:

    ‘Starvation mode’ isn’t something that suddenly happens, its your body getting used to lower calories. Since you are not hugely overweight (in fact you sound like you have a decent BMI), I would stick with a normal diet of 2000 calories a day, and go with increasing your metabolism using Interval Training, and throw in some weight training. Muscles burn calories , and generally females do not bulk up like men unless they are doing drugs or really working at it. For interval training try a preset on a machine at the gym, or just do 1 min as hard as you can, then a minute recovery for a total of maybe 10 mins before a weight session.

  8. Phillipa Thomas Says:

    Thanks Liz, I have been doing 1200 calories for a while now and doing interval training on the treadmill + pump classes at the gym. Think I need to up my calories a bit and work a little harder on the exercise side (as much as that idea pains me!). I do the body for life cardio routine and have been slacking a bit on hitting my 10s since Ive gotten fitter so I think I know where I need to focus to get results happening again, theres no escape from the hard work huh

  9. Liz Quilty Says:

    Yep, the hard work is good work though, makes you feel great! Also, i found taking up an active hobby makes it much easier to do

  10. Leeroy hohepa Says:

    Hay mate! Congrats on the weight loss.. I’m 120kgs and i’ve just started using your techniques, it is a long and hard road ahead of me but with support and determination and regular exercise I will get there.. Please keep in touch with me via email 🙂

  11. Pazzhion Says:

    Hi Liz , this is the first time i’ve come across your website. I weighed 130kg and i would like to lose 30kg by the end of the year. I’m very active, i play sports and i do zumba and i even go for a walk in the evening when i get home from work. But most of the time, i just can’t seem to control my eating. My biggest downfall is soft drinks and chunk food. I need motivation to be able to reach my goal… i just find dieting boring but i really do need your help so i achieve my set goal.
    I know alot of people have made a difference in their lives with your support and i want to do the same.
    Thank you in advance

  12. Liz Quilty Says:

    You are not alone, i still struggle with the food side of things. I really do. Unfortunately that is one thing that only you can control. I try finding similar alternatives to favorite foods which works well.

  13. Lucy Says:

    Hi Liz,

    I just want to say what an inspiration you are. I’ve slowly been putting on weight over the past couple of years without really noticing. It was on Monday that I was looking at photos with a friend from last year, shes half the size she was and I am double. So today marks a whole new adventure for me.. I’m very much a quitter when the going gets tough but I’m pretty determined this time.. Wish me luck!

  14. Liz Quilty Says:

    Good luck, and remember, a slip is a slip, its not a failure! 🙂

  15. Megan Says:

    okay so im a bit confused, i figured my BMR is 1335.6 however the biggest loser method suggests i eat 800 calories per day and i know its bad but i’ve also read about people being on 800 calorie diets?… was eating 800-1000cal before i started counting calories and have since been trying to get to 1200 but then i exercise and apparently should ‘eat back exercise calories’ – that i find hard. im 20 years old 153cm tall 52kg only wanting to lose about 5kg well mainly just slim down my thighs so that’s where the exercise comes into it.most things i find on the internet about losing weight are for taller people. got any tips just for us short ladies? LOVE your website you are a true inspiration 🙂

  16. Liz Quilty Says:

    you can go on 800 calories, but you HAVE to exercise to keep the metabolism up, otherwise it slows down and you end up gaining more weight after you go back to eating normally. Better to start out the way you plan on living. 🙂

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