Exercise in the morning will raise your metabolism for the entire day make you feel more alive and awake. Also being fitter and toned means you will generally be more interested in being active. Try and do about 60 mins a day. You can break this down into 3x20min lots or however you want. Make sure you give yourself the weekend off and just generally be more active on those days (ie go tramping, walking the dog, cleaning the car etc).

Dont just do exercise in a gym, but try to take up some sports or make it part of your daily life (ie. going tramping on the weekend or playing a game of soccer with the family on the weekend).

The best way to choose things are by looking at what you did as a teenager, find what you loved or were good at and give that a go.

As for going to the gym, i cannot stress how much difference it makes. Lift weights – there will be a gym instructor who will show you what to do and when.
Ladies – you will NOT look like the terminator(see this article why not), females just dont get that big without a LOT of work. And to be honest, even if you did look like that, its a lot easier to get rid of muscle than fat 🙂

1kg of muscle burns 100 calories per day compared to 1kg of fat which burns 4. So by creating muscle you will lose even more weight faster, not to mention feel better for it.

When creating muscle you need to eat about 1-2g protein at least per kg of lean mass you have. So try to keep it about 100g.
Good sources of protien are Milk, Eggs, Meats etc.

Again, fitday can keep track of all this for you easily. If you have any trouble then try a Horleys Carbless Protein bar after a workout. It looks and tastes like chocolate 🙂

20 mins of the following burns …
Bicycling – Actual 300-400 calories
Squash – 300-400 calories
Running – 5-6 mph 300-350 calories
Swimming laps – 350 calories
Bicycling – Stationary 250-300 calories
Stair climber – 200-250 calories
Aerobics – 200-250 calories
Walking briskly – 150-180 calories <- this means breaking a sweat, not a sunday walk guys 🙂

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  1. merenia bowden Says:

    hi again lol…..i was wondering which exercise you did when you started out…..at the moment im walking…but sometimes i feel like my legs are gonna drop off lol especially the front of my calves….does that get better? (its only been 3 days so far )i have excellent shoes called orthoheels becoz i have flat feet so thats not a problem…i also keep up a good pace with my ipod on lol and i read your comment about goin fast enough to break a sweat (its not a sunday stroll lol)………i have a wonkey right knee but im really wanting to get me a bike and whn i get up the nerve and figure out what to wear there….i’d like to go down to the pool and do the aqua stuff they have goin…and altho i’d love to go to the gym unfortunately its a bit pricey for me…..

  2. merenia bowden Says:

    oo i joined up at the gym today….not as pricey as i thought and a really nice place with chicks my age….im way excited anddd i dont have to remove the clothes like at the pool lol….woohooo

  3. Liz Quilty Says:

    you should check out the forum area which is good for chatting and this kinda stuff, we would love to have you! 🙂

  4. Anewme Says:

    Taking this on board and will put into practise. thanks Liz

  5. Megan Says:

    Thanks for this- I was feeling a bit frustrated today, and began searching for new solutions.

  6. amanda Says:

    i walk everywhere and still havent lost any weight ive tried ab exercises and swimming and still nothing

  7. Liz Quilty Says:

    Try checking your diet then, you are eating too much food or too many calories

  8. Hitesh Says:

    I suffer from Achilles tendinitis on both feet and spinal stenosis, as a result of which I found it difficult to walk. I also weighed 102Kg five years back. I started to walk. At first I could barely walk 200 yards.this gradually increased to walking 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evenings. Now(over the past two months), I am able to jog 1.6 miles in the morning and 1mile in the evening. I now weigh 90 Kg. I have flung that too many carbs are the problem!

  9. Louise Says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. To cut a long story short I have been struggling for the past 5 – 6 years to loose the last 3 kilos I had put on after loosing it after puting it on…you know the cycle. After moving cities a year and a half ago, instead of loosing the last 3 I gained another and had again got myself into the diet cycles. Your web site has been the most comprehensive, simple, straight forward advise I’ve found and since first visiting here a month or so ago, I have lost 3 kilos – slow and steady wins the race approach I guess. I also got myself a pedometer that tells me steps done, kilometres walked and calories lost through the exercise. This also helped emmensely. So thanks again Liz and thank you so much for sharing your journey. I for one really appreciate it.

  10. Liz Quilty Says:

    Aww thanks, that is great to hear! good on you for sticking with it, having the knowledge is one thing, but using it is another 🙂

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