Helpful Sites – Excellent nutrition help and diet advice. Probably a lot more qualified than myself – Non profit website that gives out handy meal plans! – This guy is SMART. He knows what hes talking abuot. Take a minute to view his videos. – Great for Tools and looking up calories from fast food places. – Great for tracking exercise, weight, calories – This lady lost similar amounts to me and looks Stunning – Eva Moffat an Ex- Nurse has helped many people with their Weight Loss problems over the years. Her articles are the best. – My old weight loss blog where i link to relevent stuff– Excellent weight loss support forum. – awesome informative blog Lots of pics of different height/weight people – Get a free ‘body age’ analysis to find out how old your body is. – Great list of take-away food calories – awesome body fat calculator online. More accurate than most – This is my Personal Trainer, and a friend. His site is informative and helpful

Safe Weight Loss – This is a guys website which has helpful articles

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