Okay, its cool, you can work out your intake and stuff now, thats great, you can eat KFC and chocolate and still lose weight. Fantastic.
However there are some things you want to think about still. This may not be entirely what you want to hear either.

You got fat for a reason. It may have been personal, or mental, or just because you plain out liked food. That reason has to be dealt with or you WILL regain the weight.

Ideally you want to find how how many calories you will burn when you get to your goal weight. It might be say 2000-2500ish.
If you eat that number when fat, you will slowly drop down in weight TOO that weight. The closer you get the slower it will go – but you WILL get there.
What this will do is teach you how much you SHOULD eat, quantity wise. When you get to your goal weight you wont have to stress about anything major, because its not a diet, its a way of life.

Secondly, Sure you MAY be able to eat KFC and chocolate and lose weight, but seriously, how good is that for your body? how healthy is that?
Sure, once in a while no worries, slip in some sort of old favourite. But try and find new lower calorie favourites to replace the old ones. Try slipping in a salad with those nachos, or leaving off the cheese etc.
This is the stuff that will end up keeping you going and feeling great. Keeping you healthy.

Above all, When lack of motivation hits you, think about where you were a few months back. Look at the difference in clothes size. Falling off the wagon for a day, or even a week wont kill you. But not getting back on potentionally could!

Take care of yourself, make sure you take time for yourself above all, maybe some pampering.

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  1. Olivier Schreiber Says:

    How and why did *you* got fat and how long it took for you to gain the weight?

  2. Liz Quilty Says:

    Good question. I got fat over at least a 10 year period from around age 20 to mid 30s. I had kids, got less active, and ate more junk in general. It wasn’t a sudden thing at all, just metabolism slowing down, me doing less exercise, and being a harried mother of many many children 🙂
    Interestingly, i after i lost the initial weight and kept it off for some time, then donated the kidney to my brother, i ended up not well for several years. By ‘not well’ i was tired all the time, lacking many vitamins and minerals, not sleeping and having a lot of problems with no doctors diagnosis (despite lots of tests). Due to mineral deficiency (magnesium mostly) my metabolism was really not working well, and I regained about 40-50kg in a 2 year period, which really hurt personally and was somewhat embarrassing.
    Recently we bought a house, and moved house, and within weeks of moving out of the old house i have suddenly got over most of my ‘not well’ and started feeling normal again. I have since been back on the road to weight loss (sucks doing it twice!) and getting fit again, though im not fully 100% well, i now have energy and can sleep, and i can exercise without falling into a pile of cramps and other problems 🙂
    I can only assume that the previous house either had something i was sensitive too, or bad in or around it, though i have never experienced anything like that before.

  3. Olivier Schreiber Says:

    Thanks for your fortrightness. I, for one cannot dissociate the way I feel about weight gain with nostalgia to what was before and the path that got me here so it is interesting for me to get the whole picture from other folks. Best wishes.

  4. Christina Fisher Says:

    thanks for the tips

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