Different Plans and Other Diets

Weight Watchers uses points, yes? We all know this. But did you ever stop and wonder exactly how the points system works? how they are able to advertise ‘you can eat anything you want!’
You can even buy their premade meals. Most are low in fat and high in carbs compared to normal brand names. Not to mention they taste like crap 🙂
Im not entirely sure How they work out the points, but it appears to be pretty much ‘count the calories, 1pt per 50 kcal’.
So its basicly what im telling you here but you pay for support, and “special” foods etc.

SureSlim/Cohans, you pay $1000 for blood tests to make sure you have no health problems. Tests that your doctor would have done for $50. Then they just put you on a calorie controlled diet based on your blood type (ie O blood type are supposed to not eat bread … ive lost weight fine eating plenty of bread and im O .. cant say i hold out hopes for that one lol).

Most other diets deny you eating particular foods. But they ALL are portion/calorie controlled even without knowing it.

olderscales.jpgWhat im trying to get at is that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and still lose weight so long as you keep the calories in lower than the calories out.

If  you need support, or somebody to report into to be accountable, then by all means take what works for you.  Everyone is different and everyones needs and requirements are different. Never ever ever ever ever believe that a pill will somehow make you lose tons of weight, because there is no possible way for it to burn calories. The only types of diet pills that may help would be those that prevent your body absorbing fat (Xenical) or stop you from feeling hungry (Reductil etc)

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  1. Nicky Francis Says:

    Thanks for your great comments. You are so right – counting calories, points and horrid diet foods need to be banned. By maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercising the weight will come off, and perhaps more importantly stay off. Let’s return to sensible eating habits and get rid of horrid diet plans
    Dr Nicky Francis – http://www.shapeshifters.co.nz

  2. Liz Quilty Says:

    I think its defining that “healthy” diet that most struggle with.
    I know one lady who ate 2 avocados every day for lunch with a salad, whilst it was classified as ‘healthy’ the calorie content was just off the charts.
    Another guy i talked with chewed on nuts all day when he was bored, thinking it was ‘healthy’. Whilst it was a healthy food, he was eating it in excess. Once he switched to other items he lost a lot of weight.

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