Calorie Cheat Sheet

If you are nowhere near a computer, PDA, any form of trying to figure out what calorie content is in something. This is a decent chart you can memorize for estimating calorie content in items. It also helps when creating your own recipes.

Please be aware that this is a STANDARD MEASURING CUP SIZE! not a kitchen mug.

Lean Meat: 300 calories per cup (no fat at all grilled/poached)
Fatty Meat: 500 calories per cup (with fat on, coated in crumbs, fried etc)

Vegetables: 100 calories per cup
Fruit: 100 calories per cup

Pasta: 300 calories per cup
Standerd Breads: 70-90 calories per slice (thin or thick slice)
Heavy Breads: 100-120

Eggs: 60 calories each
Heavy Cake: 500 calories per cup (mud cakes, carrot cakes and most cakes)
Light Cake: 300 calories per cup (Sponge, etc with no icing)

Almost Pure fat items including butter, mayo, chocolate, cheese, etc: 50 calories per table spoon

Drinks: 200 calories per cup. (including cans of soft drink – standard size)

Sorry this isnt a complete list yet, Ill update it when i get more time, Please feel free to add comments 🙂

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  1. Nikita Says:

    How many calories per cup are there for potatoes?

  2. Liz Quilty Says:

    Probably about 300 calories, but if you add butter to that it can vary.

  3. Emmie Says:

    I just now realize that if I drop the lactose intolerance medication and just avoid all the cheese and whatnot that it’ll help a bunch!
    Thanks for all the help!

  4. Liz Quilty Says:

    Yeah, you will find as you loose weight and be healthier the lactose intolerance is much better. I can now have coffee and tea and even some cheese stuff!

  5. Kate Says:

    Hi I was just wondering if you were going to add to this or could recomend a downloadable calorie counter???

  6. Liz Quilty Says:

    There are tons, for what? iPhone has heaps, Windows, Mac, Android etc. Some people I have seen used a notepad :O

  7. Kate Says:

    Windows, I am after a free one that uses NZ foods.

  8. Liz Quilty Says:

    NZ foods are the same as everyone elses. But to me honest all applications use the same database of foods which was released by the American Foods place. NZ has no such thing so i doubt you will find one. There is a book at the warehouse with a kiwifruit on the top i saw with a decent NZ selection in it and was very sane.
    I would suggest for computer usage to get the application . Otherwise get an app for your phone or similar.

  9. Chef31 Says:

    Interesting i just did my weight to combine it for a calorie total and i get 1574.3 so im gonna stick with 1570 to make it rounded and easier to manage but seeing how much i can have freaks me out!….and the amount of calories per item of food, lets home i can derange a food plan to suit this, sounds good, hopefully fingers crossed, mind u i have tons of cooking books looks like i can start going through all the recipes!…

  10. Samantha Says:

    Wow, is amazing. Thanks for the recommendation. The information it gives is unbelievably helpful. I added my food intake for today, for example, and was instantly able to see where my nutrient deficiencies were (vitamins) and where the dangerous foods are increasing my salt and fat intake. I can definitely see myself using this site. I like many of the other functions, too, such as a chart that allows you to track your mood and another which can show you how much weight you’re losing compared to your weight loss goals. I used to subscribe to a popular weight-loss company who charged way too much money and gave me so much less information! I also like your no-nonsense tone – less in, more out, no need to feel guilty about having one chocolate biscuit and no need to panic when you do! I have a big journey ahead of me (excuse the pun) but thanks!

  11. Liz Quilty Says:

    ahh thanks, though your post sounds a lot like spam 🙂

  12. David Says:

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve oscillated between 105 and 115kg. The last rise from 102 to 118 since Xmas has been the last straw. Thks for the upfront and simple talking to. It’s up to me! The stomach ulcer has been motivational too… Your website is targeted at females, but we men get fat too. Will let u know how things go. Stopped smoking 2 weekgs ago, and today was the first without a drink for a long time. Why do we do this to ourselves??

  13. Liz Quilty Says:

    Curious, how is the website targeted at females? I thought it was fairly gender neutral other than the calories required, maybe i wasn’t so neutral as i thought. Yeah Its always a battle, i know the theory behind it, i even did a personal training course, but i still struggle with motivation and weight. I’m by no means perfect, just another struggling person.

  14. Ariel Purcell Says:

    that website is great, i looked up your page today and what a great site, I definately want to lose weight. I put in the free calorie counter what I had for breakfast, 3 oiecces of white toast with butter and peanut butter and a cup of coffee with half a teaspoon of sugar and just in breakfast I used 715 calories, I definitely need to change what I have for breakfast

  15. Liz Quilty Says:

    I have moved to using myfitnesspal because it had an app for my phone which saved me a lot of hassle – there are tons of apps around, just find what one suited you best. I cut coffee and tea and amazingly saved a LOT of calories

  16. Fleur Says:

    Hi Liz, A mutual friend recommended your site, and I have spent the last hour going through many of the pages. It is so straight forward and honest – Thank you! I have just started using myfitnesspal on my phone, and I love it – easy to use and have only found one food so far that I had to input myself. I link it to runtastic so any walking I do (current form of exercise due to a back injury) automatically gets transferred to myfitnesspal.
    Thanks again for this page!

  17. Liz Quilty Says:

    Thanks for the great feedback! I start trying an app called Noom recently, its better because it lumps all similar foods together eg all veges have similar calories, why list them all individually when you can lump it together! makes logging food easier, and has a personal “coach” which gives me tasks

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